About Us


Rocco SSC draws our name from the fourteenth-century humanitarian caregiver San Rocco. San Rocco provided care and comfort to victims of the plague. We believe our planet is experiencing an ecological affliction and requires the care and commitment that Rocco’s conviction has inspired in us. Hope for tomorrow rests in our actions of today.

Our Responsibility

The Montreal Protocol is a global achievement that reinforces the connection between our health and the environments we interact with and depend upon. Thirty years, since the inception of the clean air act, an estimated 2 million cases of skin cancer are projected to be prevented per year by 2030. The members of Rocco SSC’s management team are proud to have contributed to that achievement.

According to the EPA The Benefits and Cost of the Clean Air Act from 1990 to 2020. The economic value the clean air act will produce is estimated to reach $2 trillion by the year 2020

Sustainability and health are not only measured by international achievements, but by the individual commitment to creating a healthier environment. We promote an Amalgam approach to Sustainability Through Employee Wellness. We believe that environmental conservation is no longer the responsibility of future generations.


Stepping out of the rain

Environmental Solutions Improving Health

The best way to stay healthy is don’t get sick in the first place!
Protecting our health begins with understanding our environmental interconnections.

Cradle To Cradle

Manufacturing methods: A critical component to an amalgam approach to sustainability through employee wellness.

Our Programs

Rocco SSC, Inc. uses the phrase “an amalgam approach” as our modules combine business sectors once thought to be unrelated to solve problems without creating new challenges.


After 13 years of research and development, we are evaluating theories and practical applications in collaboration with a targeted segment of Arizona’s employers. We have established an Amalgam approach to Sustainability Through Employee Wellness (ASTEW).

Kaizen Philosophy

An employee participatory Kaizen (continual small change for the better) approach to wellness, ensuring a measurable decrease in the primary causes of presenteeism. Thus, improving the wellness of the overall workforce. Our focus on the mitigation of presenteeism results in an immediate quantifiable improvement in productivity levels.

We Provide The Heartbeat Of Industry

With A Bit Of A Jolt!


There is no universally agreed definition of what sustainability means. We see sustainability as a simple equation: Sustainability = Health – as such, we focus on health. There is an old saying that the best way to stay healthy is “Don’t Get Sick in the First Place” we have added to that saying. The best way to protect the planet’s health is, “Don’t Make it Sick in the First-Place.

ISSA I.C.E. Certified 

Sams Certified WOSB