About Us


Rocco SSC draws our name from the fourteenth century humanitarian caregiver San Rocco.  San Rocco provided care and comfort to victims of the plague.  We believe our planet is experiencing an ecological affliction and is in need of the care and commitment that Rocco’s conviction has inspired in us.  Hope for tomorrow rests in our actions of today. 

Our Responsibility

The Montreal Protocol is a global achievement that reinforces the benefits of science designing policy.  30 years since it’s inception, more than 98% of ozone depleting substances have been phased out and an estimated 2 million cases of skin cancer are projected to be prevented per year by 2030.  The members of Rocco SSC’s management team are proud to have made a contribution to that achievement.  According to the EPA The Benefits and Cost of the Clean Air Act from 1990 to 2020  the economic value of these improvements is estimated to reach almost $2 trillion for the year 2020.  

Rocco SSC recognizes that sustainability is measured not only by the international achievements, but by individual commitment to create a healthier environment.  We promote an amalgam approach to environmental management; we believe environmental initiatives should provide direct, as well as indirect tangible benefits.  We believe that when an investment is made a measurable return should be earned.

We believe that environmental conservation is no longer the responsibility of future generations, but of ours.

Cradle To Cradle
Manufacturing methods: A critical component to an amalgam approach to environmental management.

Our Programs

Rocco SSC, Inc. uses the phrase “an amalgam approach to environmental management from the most overlooked places” as our modules are designed to solve problems in one area without creating new challenges in others.


The average American creates 4.4 pounds of trash per day according to the EPA .  Our research indicates that the average office employee creates over 1.30 pounds trash while at work.  Although, many companies have implemented an expense based recycling program as part of their strategic sustainability plan.  Almost 30% of this trash is overlooked, but••• Rocco SSC, Inc. converts the overlooked into a cost neutral recycling system.


WE provide our services within a system that works best for our clients. Supplemental symbiotic relationship between our client and our client’s custodial provider.  We work closely with your custodial provider to ensure that needed procedural changes are understood without negatively impacting their service schedule.

Turn Key

We provide fully trained personnel dedicated to customer service first.  All staff members receive continual training by our ISSA certified training experts.  We present the latest technology to ensure EPA efficacy is achieved during your hygienic based service processes.