Rocco SSC, Inc. provides a service that targets the third largest contributor to America’s Greenhouse gas production. We also execute a highly successful presenteeism, abatement program; America’s number one cause of depleting productivity levels.

ASTEW (Amalgam approach to Sustainability Through Employee Wellness) 

For the past 15 years; American businesses have been struggling with productivity decreases that have continued to impact their competitiveness. The twenty-five percent loss in productivity has also influenced their ability to improve wages, benefits, and retention levels. This continued decrease in productivity levels has placed increased pressure on human resource departments’ prowess to craft enticing recruitment packages for current associates and future personnel.

The ramification of human-caused climate change is not universally excepted as such indecision exists.
Improving productivity levels improves an organization’s success is universally excepted.

Responsive to Industry Demands

Our ASTEW service technique produces measurable improvements in productivity. The productivity gains, allow Human Resources to channel these returns towards managing the daunting challenges of talent retention and recruitment. Conjointly our ASTEW Matrix provides the additional benefit of measurable footprint reduction. Visible sustainability initiatives are a critical component in the highly competitive field of talent recruitment.


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