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Each package begins with the listed services. You can add options to tailor the services to meet your objectives.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services customizable?


For instance, you may decide the “Symbiotic Service” fits your needs best. However, you would like to monitor your IAQ. You can easily add that module to the matrix.

What type of surface testing are you performing?

The surface testing entails several procedures; some are subjective, such as visual and cloth testing. Some are more objective – relying on swabing or air particulate and chemical exposure levels. Some measurement testing is a combination of both, such as blacklight examinations.

What is Micro-Hygienic support service?

The Micro-Hygienic support service is an instructional knowledge transfer service backed by tool-placement located where you need them when you need them. Reinforcing the understanding that 80% of the illnesses you’ll contract are environmentally based, combined with the knowledge of how your environmental exposure is affecting your health, is essential. However, not having the right tools in the right place at the right time to mitigate your exposure isn’t all that helpful. This service ensures our clients’ associates not only have knowledge but the means to improve their odds.

What exactly is an employee baseline interview?

We speak a lot about the adverse effects of presenteeism and present statistically accurate averages. The World Health Organization’s interview questionnaire protocol that we follow allows us to determine how presenteeism is effecting your particular business. For instance, your associates may experience a higher than average asthma-related rate of presenteeism (work-related asthma is the number one lung ailment in America). The interview process will identify these anomalies allowing for a more focused service desgned to mitigate these occurrences. 

Is the interview data shared with the employer?


However, the interview process is blind; we do not gather personal information such as names, race, age, or positions. We employ a number based identification system that is proprietary to our service; the formatting is not shared. Our objective is the collection of accurate data for the sole purpose of improving the welfare of our client’s associates.

Is the pricing per package fixed?

The pricing shown is the average cost a client can expect to pay; based on the modules activated in each package matrix. However, two conditions affect pricing. One condition is adding or subtracting modules to fit your objectives better. The second condition is the number of associates your firm currently employees.

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