Case Study


Small Things Brought Together


Information presented reflects actual client results.

Type: Owner Occupied

Single Locations

Occupants Total 275

Call Center operators targeted 30 employees 

User Type: Commercial Office, High Volume 24/7 Customer Service Center


Project Analysis

The international call center is considered the heart of the operation an analysis was conducted including employee interviews and shift change processes. 

The Strategy

Shift operators shared workspace and equipment

  • Rotate workstations
  • Central hand sanitizing stations
  • Desktop employee use sanitizer
  • Inservice and train each shift on proper hand washing technique, proper equipment sanitation, and the correct use of hand sanitizer
  • Rotating work stations allowed for EPA efficacy disinfection of unused stations and equipment each evening
  • Predict usages per location monitor actual use address variances.

Projected production

Potential Quarterly Productivity Level

Achieve Quarterly Productivity Level

Quarterly Productivity Shortfall

Rocco SSC Inc. Symbiotic Matrix

Quarterly Achieved Productivity

Quarterly Productivity Increase

Quarterly Matrix Cost

Proven Results

Capturing Loss Productivity 


Reduction in loss productivity



Return On Investment

By targeting known causes of presenteeism through the introduction of small changes Rocco SSC, Inc provided a ROI of

19 to 1

More Benefits 


Source Reduction




Great things are created by a series of small things brought together.

Vincent Van Gogh

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