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Client: International Hotel Reservation Center

Reducing Presenteeism Improving Productivity 


Small Targeted Changes Delivering Significant Results

Improving The Heartbeat Of Industry   

There are over 4 billion square feet of commercial office space in America.  Over 9 million people find employment in commercial offices across America, we will be taking a closer look at how an office has benefited from our ASTEW Matrix.

Background Information

Internation reservation center.
Facility type: ~53,000 Square foot three-story commercial office space.
Owner Occupied ~235 employees, Regional support staff and international reservation center. ~sixty-two employees staffed twenty-four hours three shifts per day.



Increase reservations per hour
Increase revenue per hour
Reduce hold times
Reduce partial days related to allergies, common cold, and stress.
Reduce absenteeism

Let’s take a closer look:

ASTEW was proposed to achieve stated objectives.
The focus was concentrated on the reservation center.

Reservation center consists of ~27% of staff higher than average rate of absenteeism, symptoms of allergies, common-cold, or stress such as headaches, triggered partial day management intervention procedures.

Reservations department was assessed, employee interviews conducted, allergen sources identified, data was compiled on, the current rate of absenteeism and partial day rate, hold-times, reservations per hour.

ASTEW measures where enacted: Employee training and in-service, allergen sources removed, shared workstation hygiene procedures implemented including employee and contractor protocol.




There’s a difference between infection and disease. Infection, often the first step, occurs when bacteria, viruses, or other microbes that cause disease enter your body and begin to multiply. Disease occurs when the cells in your body are damaged — as a result of the infection — and signs and symptoms of an illness appear the best way to stay disease-free? Prevent infections.

Our ASTEW service technique produces measurable improvements in productivity. The productivity gains, allow Human Resources to channel these returns towards managing the daunting challenges of talent retention and recruitment. Conjointly our ASTEW Matrix provides the additional benefit of measurable footprint reduction. Visible sustainability initiatives are a critical component in the highly competitive field of talent recruitment.

Dedicated to keeping you healthy by preventing you from gettinng sick in the first-place.

Reduce Healthcare Cost

As a companion to your wellness program, our ASTEW Matrix expands the focus of your wellness program from just improving the health of the individual. To preventing the spread of illness throughout the workplace community and extending this practice to participating employees’ homes, preventing infection in the first place. Last year’s flu season (2017-2018), the CDC reported that 48.8 million people in the U.S. where stricken with the flu. Last year’s flu season resulted in nearly half 22.7 million people seeking medical intervention, with the average direct medical cost of the mediation being $946.00 per person. Americans spend over $2.9 billion on over the counter medication for the treatment of the common cold. More than $400 million on prescription medication for symptom relief and a staggering $1.1 billion on antibiotics prescription drugs that do not affect the viral-based illness we know as the common cold. Add to this an estimated 17 billion in hospital and doctor visits, and the adage an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure takes on new meaning.


Client Actuated Custom Solution

We work with our clients to discover what solutions work best for them. We achieve our clients’ objectives by focusing on the interconnection the solutions provide towards their long-term goals. Workplace culture building, employee engagement, productivity escalation, employee wellbeing, in addition to community responsibility, along with encouraging community extolment for our client’s business, all influence how proposed solutions are efficaciously optimized.

The Common Cold

200 miles/Hr. 10 minute hang time

The common cold is the most frequently occurring illness in the human race. The common cold is responsible for 75-100 million physician visits annually. The cost to the American economy is estimated as high as $40 Billion per year.
As Americans, we take great pride in not missing work due to the common cold. This tenacity has resulted in reduced absenteeism rates; subsequently, studies now show this same tenacity is responsible for the common cold producing $1,576.00 productivity losses per occurrence.

The Results

We are intrinsically tethered to our micro and macro environments. Through education, training, tool placement, and monitoring, we capitalize on that connection improving overall Wellbeing.


Increased reservations per day


Reduced hold times


Reduced Presenteeism/ Absenteeism rate

Revenue increase generated from the reservation department during the 90 day pilot period.

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Small changes can lead to significant benefits. Our Kaizen approach towards protecting our environment, increasing productivity levels, enhancing workplace culture, as well as community acumen is why ASTEW is a mainstream idea whose time is now. 

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