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Source Reduction

What does overlooked source reduction look like

Methane (CH4) Methane is generated in landfills as waste decomposes. Eliminating one metric ton of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from entering the atmosphere is the equivalent of removing 113 gallons of gas from being consumed or 21% of a single passenger car’s annual usage. Eliminating one metric ton of Methane (CH4) from entering the atmosphere it is the equivalent of removing 9,718 gallons of gas from being consumed or the equivalent 18 passenger cars’ annual usage.

1 ton of paper decomposing in a landfill will create 1 ton of methane.


Information presented reflects actual client results.

Type: Multiuser Complex

166 Physical Locations 

Occupants 5300 

User Type: Mixed Office, Day Care(s), Gym(s) Etc.


Project Analysis 

Each facility was evaluated a baseline per facility was established (Facility Type,  Occupant Count, Product Selection, Usage, Unused Product Waste Ratio and Product Usage per Service Ratio).

The Strategy

Implement a consolidated approach, utilize dispensing systems that promote health and wellness with minimal environmental impact (touch-less without batteries).  Improve the quality of the product to reduce per service amount need for task.  Reduce unused waste through controlled dispensing and providing sufficient product per service schedule.  Implement training to encourage compliance and minimize confusion and waste.


  • Consolidated multiple roll towel sizes and styles to a single type.
  • Provide dispensing sites consistent with occupant demand and service schedule.
  • Consolidate folded towels to a single type, convert folded towels to roll towels where appropriate.
  • Standardized bath tissue replace stadium style jumbo roll tissue and open use standard tissue with a quality core-less tissue and a controlled dispenser system.
  • Convert multiple soap styles to more modern foam style where appropriate. (daycare centers where equipped with automatic dispensing systems to compensate for dexterity realities)
  • Predict usages per location monitor actual use address variances.

Baseline Restroom Care Products

Total Annual Pounds

Retained Inventory

Waste Through Use

Unused Product Waste

Rocco SSC Inc. System

Rocco SSC Inc. System Product

Retained Inventory

Waste Through Use

Unused Product Waste

Proven Results

Targeting the overlooked generators of MSW (restroom care products paper)


Source Reduction


Inventory Reduction


Per Service Use Reduction


Unused product Waste

Environment Benefit

Energy Savings Kwh

Water Savings Gallons

CO2 Equivalent (pounds)

Landfill Space (cubic yards)

More Benefits 


Sustainability Equals Health

Focusing on commonly overlooked everyday generators of waste.


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