Case Study

Case for Culture 

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Information presented reflects actual client results.

Type: Aerospace Manufacturer 

Single Site 

Occupants ~3,000

User Type: Engineering, Test, Manufacturering



Disrupt identified conditions that encourage latent failures.

Project Analysis

A component Testing Department was identified as a potential source for the creation of latent failures.  Department consisted of ~80 employees, 2 shifts 80% first shift, 20% second shift.  Area was under ESD and class 100,000 cleanroom SOP guidelines.

The Strategy

To identify potential sources of latent failure contributors discreet physical observation was conducted incorporating both shifts.  Particulate testing, ESD floor surface testing, and physical examination of area cleanliness were conducted during shift operation as well as off hours.  To complete the assessment associate interviews were conducted.  Interviews were designed to gauge associate understanding and commitment to the SOP.  Additionally,  the process is used to develop a baseline that identifies  conditions that influence commitment.


  • Inservice designed to increase associates knowledge and purpose of SOP.
  • Promote a system of identifying protocol lapses and corrections through a team support structure.
  • Revise ESD floor surface protocol to ensure ESD compliance.
  • Couple ESD footwear with disposal ESD shoe covers.
  • Consider implementing disposable ESD lab coats that remain in work area.
  • Locate wrist-straps at the work stations.
  • Repair and inspect workstations to ensure ESD efficacy.
  • Standardize procedures identifying noncompliant workstation.
  • Revise cleaning procedures to ensure particulate counts stayed within designated parameters. 
  • Post the improvements
  • Create a culture of awareness 

Culture of Awareness

Observation as well as direct interaction with staff revealed a lack of commitment to the SOB.  Commitment to SOB was weakened  by a visible lack of workspace hygiene and particulate control viewed by the staff as a primary management responsibility.  Management’s commitment to clean-room standards set the tone for the department.


Impact Challenge  

Latent failures are an ongoing challenge.  At this facility

an occurrence could have an impact on the facility 

ranging from 50 thousand to 5 million dollars.


Rocco SSC Inc. System

Matrix investment

Modules were added to our symbiotic matrix.

Client investment including increase in custodial service levels


Proven Results

Client anticipated a 5 million dollars annual benefit.


Anticipated Return

Achieved Result


At the point of implementation continued cost cutting efforts resulted in the outsourcing of this department as well as related departments.


Final Results


More Benefits 


Source Reduction




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