Hygienic Service

A focused Structure of Cleaning

Closed Chemical Application

Unlike traditional methods of cleaning with a spray bottle and a towel.  We utilize the wet-task wiper system.  A fully recyclable disposable system, cleaning agent is applied with a pre-charged wiper (we add the appropriate chemical for the task).  Allowing for an even distribution of cleaning agent across the full service with no atomization of the chemical.  Since reusable cleaning cloths can harbor bacteria we followup by drying the surface with a fully recyclable wiper.

Vapor Cleaning

When it comes to disinfecting surfaces vertical surfaces are a challenge.  Chemical disinfectant agents need to keep the surface continuously wet for up to 10 minutes to achieve EPA efficacy. (contact time is listed on the label) Vapor cleaning is an effective way to destroy bacteria without the risk chemical disinfecting agents pose.  Vapor cleaning destroys bacteria as it cleans defeating the vertical challenge.

Advanced Technology

High filtration low decibel cordless vacuum cleaners.  Protect the IAQ and eliminate the risk of injury or damage caused from trailing cords.

UV Floor Coating

Field applied UV floor coating is a significant advancement in floor coating. Floors protected with UV coating have a mirror like shine with a chemical resistant coating that impedes the growth of bacteria.

Low Moisture Carpet Extraction

We employ the HOS Orbot to protect your facility asset and your personal.  Our method of extraction is recognized by the CRI of America as a safe effective way to extract carpets.  No over wetting no extended drying times and no wet carpet smell.

Chemical Free Floor Stripping

We prepare floor for refinishing by a chemical free stripping process.  This process eliminates the use of high odor caustic stripping agents reduces the risk of a slip fall and protects your IAQ.

Our EVS Matrix Is A Fully Integrated System So You Can Focus On Your Business

The Hygienic Service Matrix targets the 8 primary causes of presenteeism. High risk conditions  throughout your facility are a focal point we disrupt those conditions creating a more positive outcome improving the health and wellness of the facility and the occupants.  

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Data Supported

No service can be preformed without a corresponding product, as well as a defined task time.

inventory Tracking System

System tracks our work-product from the moment it entered your facility to the moment it is processed for recycling.  This same technology is incorporated into your restroom care use products.  Portal based Data flow charts allows our clients to see where their inventory is throughout its service cycle.

Continues Quality Monitoring

Our inventory control management system compares actual time and usage to an established estimate, deviations are automatically flagged informing management of an actionable condition. 

Intermittent Scheduled Services

We scheduled all Intermittent services for the entire year by visiting your secure portal you are able to determine what section of your facility is scheduled for what service on what day. Additionally you can easily view the section that where recently completed with QC notations.

An old proverb says: 

Tell me, I forget.

Show me, I remember.

Involve me, I understand. 

Our Associates

Our associates understand they are the first line of defense in the quest to provide a healthy safe workplace.


Quality begins with an understanding of the importance of the service we provide.  With bacteria, viruses and funguses tipping the scales at over 77,000 different strands in a typical public restroom.  We are committed to ensuring that our staff leave their work at work and that our clients’ and their associates, as well as their visitors don’t bring any unwanted hitchhikers home with them.


Our training begins with safety:
Our associates undergo a rigorous continually reinforced safety first approach to service. Our rigorous t
raining courses incorporate the 4 primary learning styles, visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.


Diligent not a word that is often heard our service personal are trained to be diligent.  We take pride in the services we provide.  In addition to the continual procedural training we also focus on customer service training a key component of sound customer service is quality of service. We take pride in the service we provide when an issue arises you won’t hear reason why things are they way they are because we already know the answer; our service is not meeting our standard. Therefore our priority is to resolve the issue by achieving our standard.


We see our services as an investment on your part and are job is to ensure you receive a positive return on that investment.  Our system produces an ongoing positive return through the measurable improvement in productivity however we continue to look for new ways to provide ever growing dividends. 


Constantly looking for ways to improve your return.  Our approach to service: Sustainability=Health presents  us with the opportunity to provide services that impact the entire facility.  We actively look for ways to improve our service small changes have a ripple effect creating significant value for our clients. See the case study on waterless urinals. 

Continued improvement

Rocco SSC, Inc. one of the first companies to transition to microfiber cleaning 1997.  One of the first companies to introduce the benefits of nano polymer floor finish technology (2003).  One of the first companies to introduce low moisture carpet extraction (2005).  One of the first companies to provide UV coating (2010).  One of the first companies to eliminate the atomization of cleaning chemicals (2015).  One of the first companies to convert to a fully disposable recyclable (including uniforms) cleaning system (2016).  One of the first companies to incorporate composting of restroom care products into our service portfolio (2017). 

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