Sustainability Through Environmental Wellness


Rocco SSC, Inc. provides a service that targets the third largest contributor to America’s Greenhouse gas emission. Our service also targets America’s number one cause of depleting productivity levels.

For the past 15 years, American businesses have been struggling with productivity decreases that have continued to impact their competitiveness; as well as their ability to improve wages, benefits, and retention levels. The continued decrease in productivity levels has placed increased pressure on human resource departments’ ability to create enticing recruitment packages for current associates and future personnel.


At the turn of the century, America’s productivity level was consistently ranked number one or two in the world (depending on the study parameters). Today, American’s productivity level is rated 6 or 8 in the world (depending on the study), representing a drop in productivity of more than 25%.

Human resource managers are actively seeking creative ways to overcome this new reality. After 13 years of research and development, evaluating theories and practical applications in collaboration with a targeted segment of Arizona’s employers including Honeywell, Choice International’s Hotels, Davis Monthan Air Force Base, and Fort Huachuca U.S. Army Base. Rocco SSC, Inc. has established an Amalgam approach to Sustainability Through Employee Wellness (ASTEW). ASTEW requires no lifestyle changes, no capital investment, no significant operational changes, and is environmentally sound throughout the stream. ASTEW intensifies corporate culture, improves employee retention and recruitment efforts, as well as community fidelity, all whilst producing a positive ROI as high as 1 to 10, coupled with a targeted net-zero waste stream.

We achieve this through three key pillars and an interlacing support service:


  1. An employee participatory Kaizen (continual small change for the better) approach to wellness, ensuring a measurable decrease in the primary causes of presenteeism. Improving the welfare of the overall workforce, resulting in an immediate quantifiable improvement in productivity levels.

  2. Targeting overlooked product commodities that constitute 60 to 80 percent of a commercial office’s non-hazardous solid waste stream and converting this waste stream to compost.

  3. Improving the health of the microenvironment (the workspace) Through a unique system that combines in-house recruitment of up and coming part-time personnel for potential long term affiliation within the client’s firm, and specialized environmental services. Combined with continual client education, including client’s associate training and awareness programs, as well as structured monitoring of the systems, and quarterly client-based analysis reports.

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