Sustainability = Health

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Our amalgam approach to sustainability places the health and wellness of those we serve as the priority.  We believe that in order for lasting change to exist a desire for change must exist.  We believe by improving the health and wellness of the people we serve through targeted environmentally sustainable systems the real benefit of feeling better will be the catalyst for continued environmental change.

For us sustainability is a process.  We focus on the overlooked aspects of that process.  Research indicates that up to 80% of all illness is environmentally contracted.  To improve the odds of staying healthy we focus on the immediate environment, the workspace.

The EPA tells us that we produce over 4.4 pounds of trash per day.  At work we average about 1.3 pounds per day our systems targets this MSW stream first through source reduction then through diversion.

An Amalgam Approach 

  • 1) Researched
  • 2) Practical
  • 3) Implementable
  • Improves Health & Wellness Improves Bottomline

Our Modules

Some of our clients have experienced over 61 tons of source reduction.

Some have seen $80,000.00 increases in productivity in the first quarter alone

“The best way to stay healthy is don’t get sick.”  

The common cold which impairs the average adult 3 to 4 times per year has a viral arsenal of over 200 different strains at its disposal.


Healthy employees produce at significantly higher rates our environmentally sustainable systems provide tools to increase your odds of not getting sick. 

A healthier workplace a healthier you the foundation for a healthier cleaner tomorrow.

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