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Are you promoting/selling contracted custodial services?

No; Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, said to us, “Other than specialized services; custodial services achieve the greatest value for a company when those services are performed in-house.” We do provide training and support for custodial service personnel, as well as specialized non-chemical disinfection for high-risk surfaces. We also implement environmental surface testing, particulate testing, I.A.Q. testing, and additional quality inspection services.

Are you an efficiency consulting firm?

No; we have found managers, supervisors, and employees responsible for their contributory part of a businesses’ success to be much more suited to identifying improvement opportunities than us. That being said, during the course of our employees’ interview process we acquire knowledge that is incorporated into our targeted Kaizen approach of implementing small changes that deliver significant results, subsequently resulting in improved efficiency as identified by the clients’ personnel. For instance, one of our clients required all service personnel to retrieve their daily work-product and supplies from a central location. The employees believed staggering their start-times would eliminate the chaos that ensued each morning. Consequently, this small adjustment was assimilated into our procedural change recommendations, and as a result of this minor correction, 433 annual labor hours were saved.

Are you a product distributor?

No; we recommend the use of certain products as well as the discontinuation and replacement of commonly used cleaners and disinfectants to ensure environmental-hygienic goals are achieved. Companies can purchase products from any vendor or system that best supports their needs. However, if customers have a preference for consolidated billing, all products can be provided through our service agreement.

Are you a waste-management company?

No; we do provide source reduction, alongside our compost and recycle diversion service, for clients through our communal collection system. We also provide our clients’ with their MTCO2E (Metric Ton CO2 Equivalent) for the M.S.W. (Municipal Solid Waste) and source reduction program. Our goal is to help clients achieve a net-zero waste stream. Our innovative matrix even reduces water consumption and eliminates the need for caustic chemical usage in select procedures.

Aren’t your services more directed towards Facilities than Human Resources?

As stated by world-renowned Microbiologist Dr. Charles P. Gerba of the University of Arizona; “80% of the infections you get, you’re going to pick up from your environment.” With that level of risk exposure, facilities do play a key role in protecting employees’ health and wellness. However, Human Resources is better suited to promote and protect the overall health of company personnel and the communities the company serves. For instance, Chipotle Mexican Grill stated in 2017 that a single employee caused an outbreak of the norovirus, costing the company $1 billion in value.

What do you promote?

We promote the value of incremental improvements in health and wellness, derived from sustaining hygienic environments by means of in-service training, education, testing, and field support.

We advance an intuitive service that disrupts the environmental and biological connections that affect employees’ health, thereby reducing workplace presenteeism, improving productivity levels and creating an environment that benefits all employees whether they participate in the program or not. We believe, and research confirms, that when individuals feel better daily, they actively engage in ways to maintain that condition. Thus we offer ASTEW (Amalgam approach to Sustainability Through Employee Wellness) as an essential steppingstone for employer wellness programs.

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Small changes can lead to significant benefits. Our Kaizen approach towards protecting our environment, increasing productivity levels, enhancing workplace culture, as well as community acumen is why ASTEW is a mainstream idea whose time is now. 

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