Wellness Companion

The Fundamental module is an employee participatory driven program.  The Fundamental module targets employee wellness by reintroducing and reinforcing techniques; most of us were taught in childhood and reinforced in our schools.  When we hear the term personal hygiene, many of us think of attributes like personal grooming, personal cleanliness, cleanliness of clothing, lack of body odors, etc.  However, few adults connect the attribute of personal hygiene to personal well-being and personal health.  Yet as children personnel, hygiene was taught to us as the cornerstone to personal well-being and health.   Reinforcing previously learned traits does not require the unyielding commitment necessary that is generally associated with other long-lasting lifestyle changes.  Through in-service training, educational reminders, placement, and availability of supplies, monitoring facility cleanliness levels, we awaken habits that benefit us individually and those around us.

Fundamental Service

Reinforcing Learned Traits

Most of us would not go to a restaurant and accept being seated at a dirty table, yet many of us eat our lunch at our desk. Most associates were taught the importance of common courtesy when you’re using shared space as well as the importance of respecting shared property. Merely cleaning the area, you’re going to eat at before, and after your meal, a universal lesson we were taught in childhood protects you as well as those sharing that space.

Regular hand washing is the single most salient action you can take to protect your everyday health.

Expanding Concepts 

Science tells us that every time you touch a surface, you transfer 30 to 60 percent of the contaminates on that surface to your hands.  Science also tells us that the average person will touch their face an average of 15 times an hour.  Transferring contaminates from your hands to your mouth, nose, eyes, ears, is an effective way to contract an illness or trigger an allergic reaction.

Community and Culture Building

Reinforcing social courtesies such as respecting the use of shared space.  Picking up after oneself, reduces tension between employees a trigger for work-related stress, and encourages a more harmonious work environment.  Educating associates about the dangers associated with the misuse of disinfectants by providing safer alternatives are lessons that extend beyond the work community and into the local community.

Opening Lines of Communication

Experience With…

Reduce Healthcare Cost

As a companion to your wellness program, our ASTEW Matrix expands the focus of your wellnness program from just improving the health of the individual. Too preventing the spread of illness throughout the workplace community, and extending this practice to participating employees’ homes preventing infection in the first place. Last year’s flu season (2017-2018) the CDC reported that 48.8 million people in the U.S. where stricken with the flu. Last year’s flu season resulted in nearly half 22.7 million people to seek medical intervention with the average direct medical cost of the intervention being $946.00 per person. Americans spend over $2.9 billion on over the counter medication for the treatment of the common cold. More than $400 million on prescription medication for symptom relief and a staggering $1.1 billion on antibiotics prescription drugs that do not affect the viral-based illness we know as the common cold. Add to this an estimated 17 billion in hospital and doctor visits, and the adage an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure takes on new meaning.

Fundamental  Service




  • Consulting
  • Employee Baseline Interview 
  • Employee Inservice
  • Increased Productivity (Delivered)
  • Micro-Hygienic Support Service 
  • Positive ROI (Delivered)
  • Presenteeism Reduction (Ensured)
  • Quality Control Verification 
  • Source Reduction
  • Surface Testing Baseline
  • Surface Testing Quarterly


The ASTEW Matrix provides our clients with a comprehensive diminution of environmental bacterial and viral contaminates for high-risk substrates, with a fully recyclable/compostable product delivery system. The Matrix is powered through education, system monitoring, and client sponsored employee promotional programs. We employ the Kaizen philosophy of small, easily implemented change to stimulate the awareness and desire we intuitively share to protect our well-being.

Our service begins with an evaluation process we produce for our clients a comprehensive employee survey that establishes the current level of presenteeism impacting the client company productivity levels.