Harmony and Balance

Our Stinky Situation 

Prescribing Solutions 

In 2016, Rocco SSC, Inc. began working with a new client whom installed over 700 waterless urinals, over a 10 year period of time.  Due to water restrictions in the area reverting back to a standard urinal was not an option.


The waterless urinals presented our client with a number of challenges as well as the benefit of annual water reduction calculated at over 18 million gallons.


High clog rate, Cleaning restrictions, Unpleasant permeating odor, High cost of service.

Small modifications can deliver large benefits.  Changing the trap style and employing a splash-less urinal screen mitigated those challenges.

These small changes turned the focus away from a source of continued frustration into the benefit driven advantages the sustainability team was focused on.

Sustainability = Wellness 

Eliminated odor issues

Odor issues that resulted form oil seal deterioration where completely eliminated.

EPA Efficacy

These Changes created the conditions to achieve EPA efficacy during the routine  cleaning process.

Reduced maintenance

System adjustment resulted in significant reductions in maintenance cost.