Sustainability Through Environmental Wellness


Rocco SSC, Inc.’s process succinctly stated is an Amalgamated approach to Sustainability Through Employee Wellness (ASTEW). ASTEW encompasses the ecosystems we interact with daily – starting with you.

Amalgamate əˈmalɡəˌmāt


(combine or unite different elements related or initially thought to be unrelated to from a new structure). We amalgamate health with sustainability.

Through the Kaizen method of small, easily implemented changes, we will improve the health and wellness of the three primary ecosystems.


The first ecosystem being the individual by reenforcing previously learned habits that are designed to prevent the individual from getting sick in the first place.

The second ecosystem is the local systems we come in contact with daily – our home, work, and social community settings. These “microenvironments” will directly benefit from the reinforced previously learned lessons of common courtesy. By protecting the health and wellness of the first ecosystem; common courtesy will spread like a smile and improve the health and welfare of the communal ecosystems we interact with daily.

The third ecosystem we will protect by utilizing commonsense techniques, promotion and utilization of advancing technologies, and tools that improve the health and wellbeing of the first two ecosystems. The implementation and drive-towards a net-zero non-hazardous solid waste stream is one step we employ towards achieving this lasting change. Diverting landfill waste to compost reduces the need for chemical-based fertilizer; improves the nutrient and mineral composition of our soil levels; and thus the food we eat. This commonsense theory of non-hazardous solid waste diversion to compost will minimize soil erosion; prevent soil rich nitrogen runoff by enhancing the soil’s water retention, subsequently, conserving water and eliminating the spring bloom of dead-zones. We will reduce the production of Methane and Nitrous oxide and begin to reverse the short term effects and the long term consequences of climate change. We will discourage the growth of superbugs, reduce waste, eliminating the use of targeted caustic chemicals, and promote the awareness of basing our choices on preventing the earth’s ecosystem from getting sick in the first place as a critical component of ensuring our good health!


  • Choices we make today affect our tomorrow.


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