Inventory Control 

Results Driven

Our inventory control module can be integrated into a number of our service matrices.  

Our integrated module provides our clients with accurate tracking of your everyday use items.  This module lets you know if your inventory is in holding (warehouse) on the shelf, in use, or on the way to the compost center.

To ensure your security all information is stored within the device no information is transmitted prior to device engaging with the secure docking station.  Updated information is available within hours of data collection on the client secure portal.



Source Reduction up to


Product utilization

Everyday use products 

Everyday use products generate waste in two common ways. 

Product is used for the intended purpose and discarded after use.

Product is removed from service prematurely and discarded.

Our inventory control module does more than just track your product.  The module is designed to identify what style of product works best for your needs.  The system eliminates premature discard so you receive full use of the products you’ve purchased, without the inconvenience of running out of product where you need it when you needed it.

Secure Reliable

Secure reliable inventory control management system of everyday use items

MSW Reduction

Systematic reduction and diversion of MSW


Higher level of service promotes improved IAQ

Continual improvement

A cornerstone of our service training


Unique quantitative measuring tools monitor our preformance


Our systems produce a positive ROI

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