Continuous Improvement 

A Foundational Core

A simple definition of continuous improvement: (an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes)

Continual Improvement, a term commonly used in Environment Management is normally understood to refer to (an ongoing series of small or large-scale improvements which are each done discretely)


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Our continuous improvement process is based on the kaizen principal “change for better” our employees are customer service first oriented our focus for identifying improvements is germinated within the canopy of customer benefits.  Having embraced the philosophy of kaizen flow and process, change directly improves our service and simultaneous yields a direct and measurable benefit for our clients.

Incremental changes producing measurable results is the foundation for our Continual Improvement implementation practice. By expanding on the small changes generated through our continuous improvement philosophy we create a culture committed to lasting “change for the better”.  

Kaizen (kizən) aims to eliminate waste through the process of small improvements.

In practices 

Inservice training

Our trained professionals provide inservice programs that incorporate the three primary styles of learning.  Our professionals focus on the direct benefits afforded to your staff.  Our inservice presentations are designed to be engaging and fluid tailored to the audience to  encourage maximum program participation directly improving our clients ROI.


Data is available on a continual basis this information allows you to see the areas that are preforming well as well as the areas that are underperforming.  

Product Recommendations

Our objective is to improve your productivity levels by disrupting known conditions that negatively impact productivity at the same time reduce your environmental footprint.  The right products for the purpose, at the right place and time.


Recognizing achievements as a whole and also as individual teams i.e. departments is an important aspect of culture building.  Annually we present our clients with a report detailing the environmental benefits they have produced through their  participation as well as identifying the leading departments.

Imposed Service Provider

Through the Kaizen philosophy our systems continuously focus on the TBL and deliver’s a positive ROI.


Targeting Productivity


Targeting MSW


Producing A Positive ROI


Customer Satisfaction

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