More on Indoor Air Quality 

The number one work related lung ailment in America is Work Related Asthma.

Common Causes Of Poor IAQ

Microbial contaminants, fungi, moulds, bacteria volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – from workplace cleansers, solvents, pesticides, disinfectants, glues, and dust mites – from carpets, fabric, foam chair cushions.

Common Symptoms 

Dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin, Headache, Fatigue, Shortness of breath, Hypersensitivity and allergies, Sinus congestion, Coughing and sneezing, Dizziness, Nausea.

Improving IAQ

Many factors contribute to a healthy IAQ Temperature, Humidity, Airflow, Particulate Levels, VOC Levels, Building Design, Furniture Selection, etc. The first step is to create a baseline and make recommendations.
A common-sense approach to a common problem

Environmental Services (EVS)

EVS staff play a critical role in improving and maintaining IAQ.  Aside from the importance EVS plays in reducing particulate counts throughout a facility, the processes they follow can contribute to poor IAQ or to a healthier IAQ.  EVS personnel provide services throughout the facility educating and training the EVS personal in identifying potential impacts on IAQ will result in addressing areas of concern before these factors can have a negative effect on the building occupants.

Benefit of A Healthy IAQ

OSHA reports 

Significant increases in worker productivity have also been demonstrated with a healthy IAQ.

The use of certain common cleaning products and air fresheners can cause an increase in indoor concentrations of both gaseous and particle air pollutants when those products are used in the presence of ozone. In a recent study funded by the California Air Resources Board (ARB), investigators found that chemicals directly emitted from the products generally were not a problem, but that indoor chemical reactions of the substances emitted produced formaldehyde and ultrafine particles, pollutants of serious health concern. 

Healthier Workplace


Healthier Occupants 

Increased Productivity 

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