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Information Designed For You

Our System Compares Your Actual Usage With An Estimated Usage Rate Customized For Your Facility.

Personal Protective Equipment

Designed to protect those whom are committed to protecting you


The product the EVS staff uses in the course of their service  cycle: Chemical based cleaners, vacuum bags, etc.


The products that you use in the course of your business day.  Restroom care product, hand towels, tissue, hand soap, trash liners, etc.

Our inventory control module monitors three key aspects of your service related product inventory. 

Our TTS (To The Shelve) inventory module monitors the EVS staffs PPE’s, fully disposable, fully recyclable, use rate to help ensure procedural accuracy.  Additionally, the “TTS” module tracks  EVS work-product also deposable & recyclable to help ensure service compliance, as well as tracking consumable product use rates throughout their life cycle.

Improving Service Levels Ensuring A Healthier Tomorrow

Working For You

We always say no EVS service can be preformed without Three conditions being satisfied.

Work-Product & PPE’s


All EVS cleaning services require corresponding products.


A Clearly Defined

Consistency begins with a clearly defined SOP.



Service task require a corresponding time allocation.  

Completing The Circle

Our inventory control module keeps you informed through out the life cycle of your EVS related products.  Our certified ISSA CIMS training experts review your task procedures and are easily integrated time allocation system allows you to see how each designated zone is preforming on a daily basis.