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Our overlooked waste reduction module can be integrated into our Symbiotic matrices and is a standard module within our Comprehensive matrices.

Our overlooked waste reduction module is a companion module to the inventory control module.  By utilizing recommended restroom care products we’re able to divert this waste stream from the MSW landfill. 

According to the EPA 60% of all waste generated in a typical commercial office space is paper, almost 1/3 of that waste is generated through restroom care products.  Our system will convert this overlooked waste to compost.



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Overlooked MSW Diversion

Everyday use products 

Restroom Care Products an overlooked area of waste generation can account for as much as 30% of the daily MSW created by a typical office.

When it comes to lowering our environmental footprint source reduction is  a critical component.  Source reduction is achieved through proper product selection and our Inventory Control Module.

Utilizing products that are compostable combined with a cost neutral system your environmental footprint is reduced.

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Secure reliable inventory control management system of everyday use items

MSW Reduction

Systematic reduction and diversion of MSW


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