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There is no universally agreed definition of what sustainability means.  We see sustainability as a simple equation: Sustainability = Health.

A healthier workforce equals increased productivity.

World renown Microbiologist, Dr. Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. has referred to offices as “Bacteria Cafeterias”.  According to Dr. Gerba, “Every time you touch a surface, you pick up 30 to 50 percent of the organisms that are on those surfaces”.  Most of the colds, flu, and diarrhea that humans experience are caused by the bacteria we pick up from touching contaminated surfaces.

Our environmental approach of targeting the most overlooked places begins by focusing on the health and wellness of your staff.

A Healthier Today A Sustainable Tomorrow 

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Systems are only as good as their ability to be embraced.

Through education, monitoring, testing, and promotion of direct benefits we engage your associate. Creating in your workforce the desire to embrace a system that generates a healthier today, protecting the future we borrowed from tomorrow.

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  • Monitoring & Testing
  • Continued Support 

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Our substructure

All our Matrices begin with controlling environmental microbial contaminants that negatively affect the health and wellbeing of your staff. Our processes are designed to solve problems, not create different challenges. Product recommendations are based on the value they provide as well as their ability to be incorporated into our targeted zero waste stream system.


Our matrices are based on individual, customized modules. We manage the services to ensure our clients receive the benefits they have been designed to deliver. We structured our pricing on a sliding scale associated with a monthly per person charge. Charges vary based on the level of integration our clients desire. All our systems share one thing in common: All return a positive ROI as well as a notable decrease in MSW.


The substructure provides our clients with a comprehensive diminution of environmental microbial contaminates. Focusing, on high-risk substrates, with a fully recyclable/compostable product delivery system. In addition to our surface monitoring, employee education, and promotion programs. Our service includes a source reduction process that targets the overlooked waste generated from restroom care products. In general, a 30 to 50 percent reduction is achieved.

This system delivers an estimated presenteeism abatement of 3.7% in revenue dollars that equates to $1,066.90/person per year.

Pricing around $7.56/person per month.


This matrix is more intricate in addition to providing source reduction and presenteeism abatement, MSW waste diversion is incorporated into the system. Restroom care products, as well as other packaging (i.e., cardboard boxes), produce 20 to 30% of typical facilities’ waste stream. Our symbiotic matrix diverts this MSW stream for composting and recycling through our unique central source diversion program.
Integrated into our matrix is our To The Shelve inventory control system (TTS). The TTS system is a just in time inventory control program that places the product where the product needs to be on the shelve. The TTS system provides increased source reduction benefits as well as improved time management. The system increases the time available for the custodial staff allowing the staff to focus more on the cleaning and less on the prep.
The symbiotic matrix, as the name implies, is designed to provide you with critical information. Thus, allowing you to maximize your effectiveness on presenteeism abatement through your custodial service provider. By adding options, our clients can quantitatively measure the effectiveness of the service cycle. Determine service schedules are in compliance. Identify areas of concern before the condition is visually apparent; allowing for proactive as opposed to reactive service adjustments. As well as infer, EPA efficacy is obtained during select service procedures.
By selecting the various modular options available within the symbiotic matrix, you can maximize your impact on 7 of the eight significant causes of presenteeism. Hence the financial benefits that presenteeism abatement provides in elevating your productivity levels are enhanced.
This system delivers an estimated presenteeism abatement of 4.9 %: in revenue dollars that equates to $1,422.53/person per year.

Pricing around $11.03/person/month.


This Matrix is as the name implies. We focus on establishing a hygienic EVS service schedule, ensuring EPA efficacy is achieved for all targeted areas. All options available in our Symbiotic Matrix are incorporated into our Comprehensive structure. The Comprehensive Matrix eliminates all caustic cleaning chemicals as well as the atomization of cleaning agents from your service system.
Adding our targeted Net-Zero Waste Stream module provides our clients with environmental impact data daily through the customer portal.
This system delivers an estimated presenteeism abatement of 20 %: in revenue dollars that equates to $5,927.00/person per year.

Pricing around $15.36/person per month.

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