Presenteeism A Leading Cause Of Diminishing Productivity

Presenteeism. [prez-uh n-tee-iz-uh m] noun.

Practice of coming to work despite illness

“Presenteeism The Insidious Raider”

At the turn of the century, America’s productivity level was the highest in the industrialized world.

Over the past decade, and-a-half America has continued to experience a decline in our productivity rates.  Economists ascribe the slow growth of wages to this continued decline in productivity. Today we rank 6th or 8th depending on the study.

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The heartbeat of industry is productivity.

At the turn of the century, the effects of presenteeism on the heartbeat of industry were scarcely known.
Today, presenteeism is considered one of the leading causes of the degradation of that heartbeat.
It is impacting productivity levels by as much as 25%.


Over the past 30 years, infectious diseases, as well as antibiotic-resistant diseases, have been on the rise. As globalization and the transnational flow of goods and services continues to expand, the risk of pandemic outbreaks continues to multiply. At the same time, Americans have been experiencing a decrease in overall health. Higher stress levels increased rates of chronic illness. The depleted levels of our food and soil’s nutritional and mineral content have left us more vulnerable to contracting this growing number of aggressive diseases.

Analysis shows that eighty percent of the illnesses that you contract are transmitted through your environment. Offices are “Bacteria Cafeterias.” San Diego State University and the University of Arizona tested 90 offices in three cities and found more than 500 species of bacteria.

A recent study conducted by the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research analyzed data from 55,185 female, registered nurses enrolled in the US Nurses’ Health Study II, which started in 1989. The study found that nurses that atomize disinfectants for the purpose of cleaning surfaces on a weekly schedule increase their risk of contracting COPD by 32%. 

According to OSHA: Today, the number one lung ailment is work-related asthma.

Disrupting Communicable Ailments

For the past 13 years, Rocco SSC, Inc. has been promoting the benefits of disrupting communicable ailments through a culture-building system that provides proven methods of reducing the impact of presenteeism as well as improving the health and wellness of those we work with and the environment we all share.



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Our matrices improve every aspect of your business:  Our business is improving the health and wellness of your people while protecting the future we have borrowed.


Our matrices are rooted in the kaizen philosophy, small changes that produce an impressive result on a continuous journey of improvement.

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We create a culture of awareness that grows beyond the workplace and extends into the community. We develop hard savings and increased revenue producing a positive ROI.

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Doctors advise us that dust is the last great medium of human infection. It is estimated that you breathe in 2 heaping teaspoons of air particles, “dust” per day.


The average US employee will lose almost three months’ worth of productive hours each year to cold, flu, allergies, headaches, and sinus trouble while at work.


Our passion is creating a sustainable, healthier workplace for a healthier you and a healthier tomorrow.

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