Sustaining Tomorrow 

Footprint Reduction Revenue Generating

Source reduction is a critical component of footprint reduction.  Our system of focusing on the overlooked aspects of MSW leads to significant source reduction opportunities.  Small adjustments in these areas have been proven to provide meaningful benefits for our clients in the area of MTCO2E  reduction as well as cost savings.

Positive ROI

A “Positive Return On Investment” that phrase is commonly used to encourage finance managers to increase current levels of expenditure with the promise, “Soft Savings” will be achieved sometime in the future.

When Rocco SSC, Inc. uses the phrase we are referring to “Real Earnings” not sometime in the future but concurrent with your investment in our service.


Our Integrated systems rely on a multitude of interconnected information sources for the purpose of increasing value to our customers.  


All our matrices are built on a “Common-Sense” Foundation to address a Common Concern.


There are approximately 30, million business operating in the US.  Businesses can contribute a lot towards positive environmental change.  However, lasting change will only be accomplished if the 180, million members of the working population see a direct value for implementing change.  Our systems provide direct benefits to the 180 million of us that go off to work each day.


Harmony Balance

Many financial and sustainability managers are familiar with the “Stinky Situation” that occurred at Chicago’s City Hall.  On the surface a great idea to reduce water usage; convert to waterless urinals save 20,000 to 30,000 gallons of water per year per urinal.  Shortly after installation the urinals where removed and replaced once again with standard flush urinals.

Creating Harmony (the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole) and Balance (a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions) is a challenge when it comes to environmental sustainability objectives.

Rocco SSC, Inc. has designed our systems to provide both Harmony and Balance.


Healthier Workspace

For us Sustainability = Health

The financial benefits derived from a healthy workplace far outpace the investment in development.

Chipotle Mexican Restaurant reported in July of 2017 that one employee who reported to work sick (presenteeism) cost the company 1 billion dollars.

Recent Projects






Productivity in the workplace is affected both positively and negatively by small changes.  Our embrace of the kaizen philosophy creates small positive changes that impact productivity in a measurable way today so we can do more for tomorrow.

Rocco SSC, Inc.

Commitment to our clients

Presenteeism impacts productivity in 8 identified ways 7% of that impact rest in a category called Other.  A simple case of  malaise will impact productivity the simple act of a smile can reverse it.  We build a culture of awareness through small changes.  How much is a smile worth some say it’s priceless, in this case up to $1,750.

“If improving your productivity is an objective, our system will deliver on that objective we Guarantee it.”


What We Do Best

Secure Reliable

Secure reliable inventory control management system of everyday use items

MSW Reduction

Systematic reduction and diversion of MSW


Higher level of service promotes improved IAQ

Continual improvement

A cornerstone of our service training


Unique quantitative measuring tools monitor our preformance


Our systems produce a positive ROI

Protecting The Future We Borrowed 

Prescribing Solutions

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