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Today’s perspicacious business talent demands more than just a commitment to culture and employee wellness. Prospective businesses must demonstrate irrefragable community and environmental accountability.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors…we borrow it from our children”

Indian Proverb

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Rocco SSC, Inc. is a Woman-Owned Small Business located in Arizona.  Our management team is committed to promoting an Amalgam approach to Sustainable Through Employee Wellness. 

Protecting your employees through infection prevention. Improving our micro-environments and preserving our macro-environment.



We see “each of us individually” as an environment. The human body consists of an estimated 37.2 trillion cells, all working together in harmony and balance. 

A hundred and fifty years ago, the connections between the interactions of our “individual environment” with the micro and macro environments we commingle with became blatantly obvious. 

The harmonic balance employee wellness programs strive to maintain is compromised when these dependent connections, as identified over a hundred and fifty years ago, are not incorporated into a comprehensive correlative system.

Research & Analyze

As a companion to your, “Employer Wellness Program”; We design a comprehensive strategy outlining the areas of our targeted assistance, complete with an in-depth ROI analysis.


Once the canvas has been sketched, each interconnected module is profiled, illustrating the exposure reduction value they provide in the comprehensive health and wellness fresco.

Execute & Monitor

Each interconnected module is integrated into the targeted mosaic. As the matrix is formed, quantitative measuring tools are capitalized on, ensuring data deviations are identified, and resolutions implemented minimizing confusion and maximizing the projected return.

Understanding Presenteeism

Resuts Driven

Companion Wellness

Infection prevention

The best way to stay healthy is don’t get sick in the first place! We add to that old axiom one of our own; unhealthy environments generate poor health!

Passionate About Mitigating Infections

Research has determined that chronic disease principally results from exposure to airborne particulate matter, a set of about 300 environmental chemicals and nutrients.

Sustainability Influencing Health

Launching Inovation

 The Montreal Protocol is a global achievement that reinforces the benefits of science designing policy. 30 years since it’s inception, more than 98% of ozone depleting substances have been phased out and an estimated 2 million cases of skin cancer are projected to be prevented per year by 2030.


A Different Approach “Kaizen For Wellness”

Returns Us To What We Already Known

We look at the overlooked the things that touch everyone. Identifying the systems that work and the systems that will benefit from small targeted changes.

Sustainability & Health Inseparable

ASTEW Lifts Wellness Progarms To New Hieghts

Offices: “Bacteria Cafeteria” Phrase coined by Dr. Charles P Gerba University of Arizona



Reducing Exposure Improving Health


80% of the infections you’ll acquire stem from your environment


Viruses can spread rapidly throughout a shared environment.  The group of viruses known as the Human rhinovirus (HRV) are responsible for up to half of all the common colds.

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“Superbugs” Antibiotic-Resistant Microorganisms


Their existence has been linked to the overuse of antibiotics and now…


New research has shown the misuse of disinfectants leads to the growth of antibiotic-resistant superbugs that are 256 times more resistant to ciprofloxacin “Cipro” a widely used antibiotic.

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Bacteria Undergoes Binary Fusion


Escherichia coli can divide every 20 minutes

In just 8 hours one bacterium will have risen to a colossal 16,777,216. Changes in our work environment have improved work culture and created new opportunities for opportunistic health invasive microbes.

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Modules Crafted For You

Services are adjusted to fully accommodate your objectives.

Wellness Companion

Protecting Those That Participate & Those That Don’t

Improving Micro-Environments

Protecting Our Macro-Environment 

Understanding ASTEW Comprehensive

Transforming Wellness Programs

Sustainability & Wellness

Reducing Methane & Nitrous oxide 

Get The Advantage 

Our Kaizen approach of small changes delivering significant results improves employees’ wellness through the diminution of communicable bacteria and viruses. Continually, interrupting the spread of the common cold and flu through the reinforcement of “personal hygiene” protecting participating employees both at work and at home and nonparticipating employees in the workplace.  For each employee that experiences one less common cold or flu per year, their annual productivity is increased by more than $1,500.00 per year. 


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