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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors…we borrow it from our children”

Indian Proverb


Like you, we’re passionate about your objective

Environmental objectives normally invoke thoughts of regulations, capital expenditures, increased cost to manufacturing, and service; with a possible financial return decades in the future, if that return ever comes.

Until Now


We begin by listening

Understanding your sustainability objectives, is how we begin. Our approach is ⚈⚈⚈

A different approach

We look at the overlooked the things that touch everyone.  Identifying the systems that work and the systems that will benefit from small targeted changes.



We focus on areas where usage reductions will generate immediate savings as well as improved quality. 


We utilize an extensive network of industry experts, Local, National, as well as International.  We combine their knowledge with your objectives.


Our system will become a symbiotic enhancement for your environmental objectives by producing revenue.



Research & Analysis

Once we have had an opportunity to learn and understand your environmental objectives.  We will design a comprehensive strategy outlining the areas of our targeted assistance, complete with a comprehensive ROI analysis.


Once the canvas has been sketched each interconnected module is profiled depicting the value they provide in the comprehensive revenue generating fresco.

Execute & Monitor

Each interconnected module is integrated into the targeted mosaic.  As each matrix is formed quantitative objective measuring tools are implemented providing secure data ensuring deviations form anticipated results are identified minimizing confusion and maximizing the projected return.  


Promoting Ideas Creating Lasting Change

Rocco SSC, Inc. is a Woman Owned Small Business located in Arizona.  Our management team has been committed to promoting Sustainable Healthy Workplaces for over three decades.  As a HUBZone located business we see the value our services will provide to our community.  Recently, we have decided to directly increase our support by applying for our HUBZone certification.

Protecting The Future We Borrowed

Almost three decades ago, when President Reagan signed the Montreal Protocol and President Bush announced the phase out of the production of ozone depleting chlorofluorocarbons like 1.1.1. trichloroethylene by the year 2000, manufacturers around the world and North America responded with certainty that these new regulations would negatively impact manufacturing costs and destroy whole industries.

DuPont, the largest CFC manufacturer, warned that the costs in the U.S. alone could exceed $135 billion, and that “entire industries could fold” (Glas, 1989).  The Association of European Chemical Companies warned that CFC reductions might lead to “redesign and re-equipping of large sectors of vital industry… smaller firms going out of business… and an effect on inflation and unemployment, nationally and internationally” (Stockholm Environment Institute). 

 In reality, the dire predictions never quite materialized.   In 1989, when Russ Liuzzo, now a member of our management team, approached the aerospace industry with substituting an aqueous cleaning agent for 1.1.1. trichloroethylene, the industry was highly resistant “water and precision parts don’t mix”.

After years of testing and modifications made to accommodate new cleaning techniques,  the industry discovered the two can mix. As for those dire predictions, it is true, the cost of the cleaning agents were 10 times higher than the solvent it was replacing.  However, in the end, the in-use cost of the replacement products returned significant financial benefits.  In some cases like  Lockheed Martin Defense Systems in Pittsfield, Minnesota, discovered, cost savings exceeded $500,000.  (EPA Case Studies on Safer Alternatives for Solvent Degreasing Applications). 

This experience planted the seeds that would lead to the creation of Rocco SCC.  The ancillary benefits identified during the testing phase of transitioning from 1.1.1. trichloroethylene to aqueous cleaning agents (reduction in headaches, dizziness, light headiness, et al.) had a profound effect.  A decade later the roots of our business model began to grow we provide services, education, product recommendations, that encourage healthy safer workplaces, protect the environment and provide a positive ROI. 



Modules Constructed to Fit Your Need

Modules Constructed to Fit Your Need


Our sustainability matrixes focus on the overlooked and return significant bottomline revenues.  Our matrixes are designed to be as encompassing as your need requires.  One thing are systems all have in common, they pay for themselves and return a continual positive revenue stream to your bottom-line.

Modules are priced on a per person per month basis.  Each module contains specific services.   Services within each module can be adjusted to fully accommodate your objectives.

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